Furniture for hotels, restaurants, cafes

Teak- delivered in natural solid form. It has got specific light honey brown colour. This colour remains while used in interiors. When used in dining service it absorbs all grease, which can result in darkening of the natural colour. This fact is easily removable by oil for teak furniture, however after oil application, teak darkens completely and loses its natural honey colour. We recommend to all who want to have a dark brown teak furniture special products for teak from Mounfield. The main advantage of this tropical wood is appart of hardness also its resistance to moisture and it is therefore suitable for outdoor use. Outside after time disposed to weather the wood gets greyish colour which is very popular esspecially in Western European countries. The colour gets darker if any special products are not used.

The final look of teak furniture is available in two finishes - smooth and polished surface or a rough surface with typical natural teak wood texture. As already mentioned, teak does not mind damp environment, if it is a exposed to dry heat during winter period, there may occur cracs that become permanent. Therefore, during winter we recommend to store teak furniture ideally in garage or similar place with relatively high humidity. Before treatment with the above-mentioned maintenance products, it is recommended to wash the furniture with water and anti-grease cleaning products.

Mango - furniture made of Mango tree is even harder than teak, it is even harder than oak, but it does not have as apparent decorative wood pattern as teak. It is mostly popular in rustic finish WHITE WASH – varnish by white oil, but it may also be painted by various lacquer colors.

We wish long term enjoyment while using this precious wood.