Linen and linen blends by the yardage

Organic linen
• Is the most sophisticated material used already in Mesopotamia, with the highest boom in the 19th century and with increasing demand in recent years
• Stands for lifestyle in countries with exceptionaly strong enviroment awareness (Switzerland, Bavaria, ...)
• Has got certification OCS 100 claiming that 95% or more is made of organic material

Advantages and specifications:
• Triple times longer durability comparing to cotton (weaving from the fibre bundle, so called technical fibre while staple lenght 20-35 cm, not from the elementary cotton fibre with staple lenght 4-6 cm), linen fabrics keep their characteristic beautiful look even through long term use and hence in practical terms any other textile fabric can not compete with linen
• Easy care – washing upto 90°C and at the same time easy ironing due to natural humidity absorbtion from the air upto 35% of relative humidity
• Scientifically proven that bacteria do not thrive and multiply on linen fibres as on other textiles
• The highest quality for table, interior, household textile as well as for clothing
• Linen napkins are soft, do not fluff and absorb humidity
• Linen kitchen towels have the best absorbing qualities unlike any other textile materials and are perfect for glass polishing
• Linen sheets, bed linen and linen clothing in summer have chilling effect, breathability and absorbing quality
• Sebastian Kneipp recommends linen on clothing as the healthiest type of material, in contact with skin has got thanks to its structure ability of “micro massage”

Material finish options:
• Washing and drying with special program for linen with Miele technology
• Dyeing – using permanent reactive dyes in any colour from 3 kgs or 50 meters, 60°C washable
• Printing – digital or screen printing technology with 40°C and 60°C washability
• Embroidery – any logo or motive in any colour, 60°C washable
• Teflon finish SHIELD PRO+ or SHIELD&CLEAN certified by Dupont from 100 meters, 40°C washability and approximately 20 washing cycles
• Made to meassure production per customers needs of table and interior textiles in any meassurements with no MOQ (extra large table cloths, chair and bench cushions, curtains, cushions,...)
• Sale of fabrics in meters