In restaurant use using classical tables, changing the layout of tables when changing the structure of visitors is only partially possible. Often, there are only 2 people at the table for 4 people, of course, the other pair will not attend and if they are at leisure, they are looking for another completely free table to have privacy during the restaurant session. In the case of this stable arrangement of restaurant tables, the potential overlay of installed chairs and tables is reduced, so stylish restaurants across Europe are the latest trend in using flexible dining. For this purpose, our company offers flexible 64x80 cm or 80 x 80 cm flexible desktop slides for combination with classic 76 cm high chairs and 110 cm bar height. Table plates can be made of a variety of used materials and a board thickness of 4 cm, made of continuous pile, which by its production technology prevents wood from twisting during unilateral damping in operation. It is also possible to order a connected pile in a cheaper design (which, however, gives the impression of parquet patterning). The metal legs at the tables are comaxitated to a black matt paint, mounted on heavy cast iron squares of the square to ensure full stability.

We offer color versions in many ways, but always in combination with glaze + oil + wax. The color of the lasure can be selected from three basic shades - bleached / light / dark. According to the customer's requirements, the color temperature of the three color versions can be selected individually. The final treatment of table desks is such that they are completely hydrophobic, do not absorb moisture from consumed fluids, including red wine. The heavy cast iron base ensures stability, but is harsh on the unevenness of the floor surface, which eliminates the fact that we measure the unevenness of the used floors before the delivery and, according to the facts, we supply 3 base mats to each base 3 equalizing felt mats according to the size of the tiles used or other types of floors, not only by size, but above all by different thicknesses, ie we offer 2, 4 and 6 mm leveling mats according to individual conditions. Different rates of pressing of the felt do not require the use of the rectification screws that are part of the metal legs. The aim of this on-site measurement is the need to secure the position of the tables to the absolute plane, with flexible displacement. If the unevenness of the floor is above-limit, it is possible to use threaded rectification screws that can be simply increased or reduced.

Flexible modules do not use classic tablecloths but only tablecloths that cover an 80cm distance away from each other while each guest is still 15cm below the table top - ie the length of the tread is 110cm. We offer burgers from 100% flax, as well as in rough rustic structure not only on order but also as fullservice including washing recycling. With washing textiles (not only treads, but also napkins), we have rich experience. In addition to this layout, we also offer wipes in softened linen, including snow-white wrinkle effect. The combination of natural tread design with snow-white wipes forms the basis of an intimate dining atmosphere.

For a given restaurant operation, we are able to design an arrangement based on the given restaurant area, the number of doors and windows for the guests' entrance, the kitchen and the toilets, so that the throughput of the dining staff is optimal for the maximum enclosure space. The highest degree of flexibility, which the operating staff least weighs when changing the number of two to four and six seat tables, is the placement of the elongated bench on one of the perimeter walls, when only the tables are moved at minimum distances. We have a bar sitting where there is a confined space and the restaurant has a partly hallway character because 2 guests sitting at a bar table occupy less space in the floor plan than when sitting at a classical table. The newest offer of our presentation is the oak-rustic table top, which contains all the drawings of the knots partially eclipsed and creates an extraordinary rustic impression.